my current skincare routine

A few months ago I made a discovery that my wallet would call unfortunate but my face would call miraculous – Caroline Hiron’s blog. Caroline is an expert in all things skincare, and her word is law, in my opinion. Caroline Hirons disciples, I have joined your ranks!

Caroline inspired me to update my skincare routine – and not just update the products, but add some steps that I had been neglecting, like daily exfoliating, toning, and overall being a little bit less haphazard and slapstick about my approach to skincare.   Based on all these updates, I present you with: my current skincare routine.

Before we start, let it be known: I have normal/combination skin. I have some oiliness along my t-zone, especially on my forehead (bangs = greasy forehead) and the rest of my face is pretty normal. I get a bit of dryness in the winter, but these days it’s definitely not a concern.

Morning Routine

Cleanse with Clarins Cleansing Milk and a face cloth; exfoliate with either First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads or Clarins Gentle Exfoliator; spray hydrate tone with Yves Rocher Vitamin Face Mist. My serum is Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, and finally I moisturize with L’Oreal Ideal Moisture 48 hour day lotion SPF 25, or Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF 50+ if I’ve used a glycolic acid the previous night.

Evening Routine

First cleanse with Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, second cleanse with Clarins Cleansing Milk. I double-cleanse because I do wear a lot of makeup, so I really want to get it all off… and if I’m honest, because Caroline says to do it! But you know when you rub a cotton pad with toner or exfoliator on your face and it’s dirty afterwards? Think about it like this – all that stuff was on your face! Yuck.

After cleansing, I exfoliate with either the FAB Radiance pads, Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner Treatment, or Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA, then tone with Vichy Purete Thermale Soft & Soothing Toner. If I am using Paula’s Choice, I tone first then apply the exfoliator, because it’s a cream, not a liquid, and I don’t want to apply a cream and then basically wipe it all off with the liquid toner!   If I’m not being lazy I’ll apply an eye cream, which is either Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex or Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Fresh Gel. My serum is usually Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II, though I’m out currently and have been using Olay Fragrance Free Regenerating Serum, which is quite lovely. Sometimes I’ll follow this up with a moisturizer, but these days, in the summer, I do find that I don’t need it as much as I would in the winter.

About twice a week I’ll use Alpha H Liquid Gold, a fairly strong and effective glycolic acid. For the best possible description of Liquid Gold, check out amodelrecommends’s review.

If you follow Caroline, you will notice that my routines are 100% Caroline-inspired. Each step, and most of the products, are thanks to her. I do find that my skin has gotten smoother, less red and more even-toned since starting this routine a few months ago, and I also have been getting fewer blemishes. Even when I am my most tired, I try to follow every step of this routine, and I always, always, always take my makeup off before going to bed, even if it’s 3am and I’ve just devoured half a pizza. Ladies, it’s such a crucial step – you can’t afford to skip this!

Though this does seem like a lot of products, I have an equally long wish-list of skincare that I will gradually add to my collection, which may make a good topic for a future blog post, what do you think?

Do you use any of the same products as me? Do you have any recommendations for me?


6 thoughts on “my current skincare routine

  1. Hi!

    I really enjoyed your blog. Nice details and helpful links !

    What I started using about a month ago and have noticed a big difference is the following:


    All of the above is from the Body Shop and I got them in a pack for $39!

    Well worth my money and I felt that my skin now glows and I have less acne 🙂


  2. Love the FAB radiance pads that you recommended – they have made such a big difference in my skin’s appearance (along with using a cleansing oil by Boscia). Do you have any recommendations for a chemical exfoliant that is a little bit stronger than FAB? Now that my skin is used to it, I feel like I could go for something with a bit more tingle. Thanks Danielle 🙂


    1. You know I’m also on the hunt for something a bit stronger than the FAB pads myself! Have you tried Liquid Gold? It’s not for everyday but man does it get the tingle going! I also find that Paula’s Choice has a lot of options for chemical exfoliants at different percentages; she does AHA and BHA ones. I have the 5% AHA and I like it – it tingles!


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