let’s talk eyebrows

My eyebrows are the worst.  A nondescript brown colour, with almost no natural shape to them, and they like to grow backwards. You know how your eyebrow hairs should grow in the direction away from the centre of your face, so that the hairs in your right eyebrow should grow slightly up and towards the right, away from your nose? My little rebel brows sure missed that lesson in eyebrow school!  Therefore I must rely heavily on powders, pencils and other potions to coax those bad boys into shape on the daily.

look at those jerk eyebrows
awful eyebrows

I’m always on the lookout for a product that will fill my eyebrows in enough to make them a bit stronger and bolder, without going crazy; that can help teach them the ways of proper eyebrow hair direction, and ideally keep them in place for the duration of the day.  Powders or eyeshadows work well to fill them in and give them a nicer shape, but don’t do anything in the realm of eyebrow control. I’ll meticulously brush my brows towards the appropriate direction every morning, carefully apply the powder…and a few hours later they’re back where they started, as if somebody ran their finger along the length of my eyebrow from outer to inner edge.

And in case it crossed your mind,  no, I do not absent-mindedly run my fingers along the length of my eyebrow from outer to inner edge!

So while powders and pencils kind of fit my eyebrow needs, I need something with a little more control. I had tried Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which they describe as a “fiber gel” and comes in a mascara tube equipped with the perfectly-shaped little baby wand, and I was really quite happy with it.  But, that tiny little tube sure depletes quickly.  So I went into Sephora with the 100% intention of purchasing another tube, but I was swayed, as can so easily happen in that makeup haven.

I’d heard about Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade and was really intrigued by it, but something called a “pomade” for brows that is to be applied carefully with a brush just seemed a bit too…expert for me. I didn’t think I’d have what it takes to be able to apply it and not have Oscar the Grouch eyebrows.  But after trying it on my hand, the formula wasn’t as wet as I was expecting, and I was tempted.  Plus, I knew Gimme Brow would only last a month or so, and this is quite a sizeable little pot that I had a feeling would last ages. So I took the plunge, getting the shade Blonde, which is the lightest of the eight available shades.

Dipbrow Pomade


Let me just tell you – this stuff is awesome.  It’s really pigmented, is a really creamy formula without being too “slick” or wet, and is surprisingly easy to work with! I comb my brows and apply this with a little angled brush and it works beautifully.  You can start with just a little bit for more natural brows, but also built it up if you want to go thicker. The best part – not only does it colour in your brows, but it sticks to the hairs and provides great control! My rebel brows are staying put all day long.   I know it may seem like an intimidating product, but I promise it’s actually very user-friendly and easy to work with. I could not love this more.

well done, Dipbrow!
Well done, Dipbrow!

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