mascara mondays: mac zoom fast black lash

When I started doing mascara mondays, I knew I’d quickly go through my current fave mascaras and would have to start expanding my collection. I wanted to revisit old favourites as well to see if I still liked them. Years ago, I remember Mac Zoom Fast Lash being my absolutely fave for big dramatic lashes, so I popped into a Mac store to see if the love was still there.

Sadly, not.

I’m really torn on this mascara.

On the one hand, the formula can build quite full lashes, and the brush is a classic shape, natural bristles, no-nonsense brush which I like. But on the other hand – it’s just so damn hard to work with!

Mac Zoom Lash
see the clumpyness?

I remember this being my go-to mascara for high-impact lashes. I do not remember the extremely frustrating process of building it up on my lashes. The formula is just. so. clumpy.  It’s one of those really wet formulas so you really need to give it a minute or so between coats otherwise your eyes will be a hot black mess. Even so, the coats just really stick together – not in a good way – so that your lashes are all clumped together with visible “pieces” of mascara between the lashes. Now I actually don’t mind semi-clumpy lashes for the most part, because that helps with volume, but this formula really takes a while to get used to. What I’ve started doing it using a synthetic mascara wand after my desired number of coats of Zoom Lash, to kind of comb and separate things. I would think that a regular lash comb would do the same thing.

So why do I keep using it?

Well, the spiky factor is quite good.  It gives me nice spiky lashes.  Also, once you’ve wrestled with this stuff and are finally satisfied with your lashes, it has good staying power throughout the day, with very little of that “droop” of lashes you sometimes get throughout the day.

Zoom lash mascara

My verdict?

  • Formula: 5/10
  • Brush: 7/10
  • Overall look: 7/10

Disclaimer: these pictures were taken weeks ago before my accident, I did not apply that much mascara with my left hand (right arm is still in a sling!)

If you want an easy,  one and done mascara, this isn’t your guy. If you’re addicted to mascara like I am and are open to messing around a bit, this is worth considering.

What mascara do you want me to try next?


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