my november monthly favourites

This month’s roundup of favourites is short and sweet, primarily because even applying makeup over the past month was a huge struggle until about five days ago due to my right arm being in a sling! (I know, I know, enough with the sling talk!). The good news is that I am now sling-free – hooray! – and my makeup obsession is back in full swing.

My focus in November was on effective products that are ultra easy-to-use.

My favourites from November 2014From left we have:

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant with pure Cocoa Butter: This rich body moisturizer is holy-grail status for me. It’s a really moisturizing, thick lotion that absorbs super quickly, hydrates, and smells amazing! I’ll definitely have one of these at my bedside table all winter long to keep the shin scales at bay.

Olay Fresh Effects {Bright on Schedule} Eye Awakening Cream: This is a fairly lightweight eye-cream with a metal roller ball dispenser. I bought this exclusively for the dispenser, because I love the cooling feeling of eye rollers in the morning.  Has this revolutionized by under-eyes? Who knows. But the lightweight formula absorbs fairly quickly and it feels so refreshing to apply in the mornings. I like!

Jamieson ProVitamina e: The least glamorous of products ever.  This is 100% pure vitamin e oil, and is more of a necessity than anything else for me right now. I have two scars on my knees and about 5 inches of scars on my chest/decollete from my surgeries, so I’m slathering this thick oil on in hopes that it will help them heal. Warning: this stuff is seriously thick and gloopy. DO NOT lay the bottle on its side, no matter how tightly you’ve closed the cap, because it will seep out everywhere. I learned the hard way.

Benefit Some Kind-a-Gorgeous: I found this in my foundation drawer while searching for something to even out my skin tone that required little to no blending (i.e. that I could slap on with my left hand). This is a cream-to-powder “foundation faker” with a sheer, lightweight coverage. It feels quite silicone-y and slippery, meaning it’s extremely easy to blend into your skin, and leaves a sheer wash of colour, just enough to even things out.

What are you loving these days?



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