some lip love

I recently picked up two new lip products and though they have nothing in common in terms of colour or formula, I’ve really been enjoying wearing both of them lately. 

First up is Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 040 Shanghai Sizzle. This isn’t a new range but the ads featuring Olivia Wilde have always appealed so much to me and I’d been wanting to try it out for a while.  I chose this shade because I love the look of glossy red lips, especially around the holidays.  Though I’m a huge fan of dark berry lips this time of year, I also think red lips are perfect for the holidays. Who am I kidding, red lips are perfect for always! Moving on… This is actually quite an orangey red, so not exactly what I was going for, but that’s okay with me.


The formula is kind of odd. It starts as an extremely thick lip gloss, and it’s actually kind of difficult to build an even layer of colour. You need more than one layer to build up the colour, but the formula doesn’t build well on itself, it gets almost gloopy.  Once you finally have an even layer though, it wears really nicely on the lips and is quite comfortable. It’s not sticky at all! It does leave some colour on the lips after the gloss fades away, though the stain is definitely not comparable to a true lip stain product. Despite all of this, I do quite like this product! I love glossy lips that my hair doesn’t stick to.

Now, I wouldn’t be a self-respecting beauty blogger if I didn’t give one of the new Nars Audacious lipsticks a try. Everywhere I look, people are talking about them! I did something I rarely do – I decided to buy one online without having ever looked at the shades in person. With 40 shades to choose from, this required quite a leap of faith.


Because of the time of year, I decided that I wanted to go for a deep colour. After looking at tons of swatches online, I settled on Fanny which is described as a rich berry. I’m really happy with my shade selection! It’s a bit darker than it appears in the picture above, though not as dark at Mac’s Rebel. The formula is really nice – it is so creamy and long-wearing. It’s extremely pigmented so you need to be careful when applying directly from the tube, because you want the colour on your lips, not all over your face!  I apply a layer directly from the tube, blend it in with a lip brush, and repeat.

I’m so happy with both these lip products, and have really been enjoying wearing them both! I’ll definitely be picking up other shades – which ones do you recommend?


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