a reliable nail polish

As a nail polish-obsessive, I have dozen (hundreds?) of bottles in my collection and have tried many different brands and formulas.  Sadly, I am willing to put up with sub-par formulas – slow drying time, goopy formula, bubbly drying – if the colour is worth it.  It seems to happen more often than you’d expect! But, it always comes as such a fortunate surprise when a nail polish formula ends up surpassing my expectations and being a solid performer.

I have a few bottles of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish, and it wasn’t until I tried out my newest shade, a deep green colour called Jungle Gem, that I realized that I am always, 100% happy with this polish whenever I use it. It has a really wide, flat brush that always ensures even application with only a few strokes, and the formula is really opaque without being overly thick or goopy. This means it goes on smoothly and best of all, dries to a smooth, shiny finish. No tiny little bubbles that appear when you think your polish has already dried. Those stupid little bubbles are the bane of my existence.

Jungle Gem

According to Sally Hansen, this “complete” formula includes a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, top coat, and is chip-resistant and has a gel shine. I agree that the formula is definitely very shiny without needing a top coat, but I can’t say I necessarily agree with the other claims. I always use a base coat regardless of the polish I’m using because I’ve had just too many experiences of yellow-stained nails. Unfortunately it does chip a little bit without using a top coat; as for being a strengthener and growth treatment, I don’t think you could prove those claims unless you used this polish exclusively for a few weeks, and I haven’t! But regardless, this nail polish is truly one of the best nail polishes I’ve ever tried, and with 50 shades available, there’s got to be at least a few for everybody’s tastes!  I’m totally loving Jungle Gem right now – it’s one of those great “dark but not black” shades that is so great for winter!





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