the humble matte brown shadow

There are some key bits and pieces in a makeup bag that are not particularly exciting products, but that are solid staples to have nonetheless. Things like plain black eye pencils, translucent powder, and a plain, matte brown eyeshadow. When looking at the beautiful arrays of eyeshadows on offer in MAC or Sephora, a plain brown is definitely not something my eyes are immediately drawn to, but when contemplating my must-have and most used products, it definitely ranks up there. 

My matte brown shadow of choice is MAC’s Mystery, which is a deep brown with a slight cool tone and a satin finish. It kind of looks “blah” in the pot, but honestly, I think that everyone needs a colour like this in their collection.

I use this shade for so many purposes. I use it along the top lash-line for a soft eyeliner look, or smudged along the lower lash line for some smokey definition. I also love using it as the final blending/contour shade for a smokey eye, because it’s dark enough to add some solid definition, and because it’s matte, it doesn’t blend out all shimmery and messily like non-matte shades.  It’s just a necessity. Also, depending on your hair colour, this is a great powder to define your eyebrows. Bit too dark for me, unfortunately!

MAC Mystery swatch

To me, a colour like this is just a perfect all-rounder, and an absolutely staple in my makeup collection. In fact, when I went backpacking in Europe a few years ago and packed only minimal makeup, I only brought two eyeshadows with me and this was one of them!  I can use it for a soft makeup look like the one below, and to transition into evening, just smudge it out along the lower lash line quite heavily for a really easy smokey eye.


Do you have a go-to matte brown shadow? Is this one part of your collection? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @justaddmascara. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “the humble matte brown shadow

  1. Yes, I could see,,, Kelly wear this shade if only I…..lets just say: If I were to dress up often It really does look so Nice on you !!!! I just *LOVE your style of makeup & the color of your hair… I ask you something-? being that I’m still so new….to my cross dressing what color is it & it looks to also have highlights I would *LOVE to purchase a wig,,, of the same color / style I do hope U don’t mind me asking U of this 🙂 Kelly


    1. Thanks so much! My hair is all dyed but I just have really bad roots right now (naturally light brown). I have two different colours of blonde highlights, one is really light blonde and the other a bit darker. Hope that helps!

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