easy brows courtesy of Maybelline

As I’ve previously lamented, my eyebrows suck. Unfortunately, I definitely can’t leave the house without spending at least a few minutes taming them into normalcy, which means I’m always on the look-out for products that are easy to use and that will add some definition and a bit of colour.  My previous hero eyebrow product was Dipbrow from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I absolutely still love this product, but I’ve been reaching Maybelline’s Brow Drama more and more lately. Maybelline Brow Drama

Maybelline describes this as a “sculpting brow mascara”.  The wand is similar to a mascara wand, but with a spherical ball at the point. The size of the ball is a bit bigger than I think is necessary for the average eyebrow, but it doesn’t negatively affect application. The formula is slightly tinted; I use the lightest shade, Blonde, and it doesn’t really darken my brows the way a pencil or Benefit’s Gimme brow does, for example. Maybe the two darker shades would provide a bit more tint to brows?   The plus side of this, though, is that it’s quite foolproof to use since you’re not dealing with a lot of pigment and don’t need to worry about blobs of uneven colour on your brows.

What I like most about this product is that it provides good control to my brows and keeps them tamed all day, without any of that gross crustiness or hardness you can get from brow mascaras. Finally!  They’re tamed but they still look and feel pretty natural. If I want my eyebrows to be a bit darker and have a bit more texture , I like to layer a bit of powder on top of Brow Drama – I use Omega eyeshadow from MAC and the combo works great! Just let Brow Drama dry for a few seconds before layering on the powder.

Brow Drama is very travel-friendly – you don’t need to pack any brushes to use alongside this, other than a spoolie if your brows need it (mine obvo do).  This is the only brow product I brought with me when I went home for Christmas for a week, and I was totally content with it!  Overall, it’s a great drugstore offering in the eyebrow game, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when my current tube runs out.  Been two months and going strong though – thanks, Maybelline!

Have you tried Brow Drama? Do you like it? What other brow products do you love? Let me know by leaving me a comment below!


4 thoughts on “easy brows courtesy of Maybelline

  1. I saw an advertisement for this on TV the other day. When I went to the store I couldn’t remember the brand OR the name! Thank you so much for the post. Can’t wait to try it for myself!

    P.S. I found your blog via Chanelle as we were both nominated by her for a Liebster Award. I’m loving your posts and can’t wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog at https://blogatsoshesays.wordpress.com/ as well!


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