stepping outside of my makeup comfort zone

What I love about makeup is that it offers endless possibilities – of colours, styles, looks. It’s an expression of creativity and I always love to try new things, but I’ve definitely got a “makeup comfort zone” that I don’t stray too far from. Love me some glowy skin, smokey eyes with shades of browns, taupes, golds, and purples, and an array of lip shades in various tones of pinks and reds. So in the spirit of trying new things and pushing myself, I’ve been thinking about some new things I’d like to try to this year. Tanya Burr Individual False Lashes Individual lashes:  I recently became comfortable with wearing false lashes – love the look, don’t so much love the finicky glue/tweezers/steady hands required. Next up is trying individual lashes. Definitely feeling that they’ll be way more time consuming to apply, but I like that you can place them where you really want added volume and can get some really nice, fluttery lashes going. MWNG1Fpastel lips 8fe08e5237e180eabb919e54dfdaa380 Purple lips: While I have no problem rocking vampy, dark purple/red lips, I love the look of pastel purple lips, but I’m not super comfortable with wearing something in that shade category. I think it would be fun to try a totally different look, though. I’ll probably save this challenge for spring or summer when they’ll be more seasonally appropriate. Will they look good with my skin tone? Possibly not. But if I hate it, I can wipe it off and no harm done. U Colourful Eyeliner: I find it impossible not to be drawn to the displays of colourful liquid eyeliners at Sephora, but do I ever purchase? Nope, only black for me to date. But it’s time to stop being intimated by the beautiful colours and stop worrying about how I’ll incorporate colourful liners into my look – and just try it. I think the key will be to centre the look around the colourful liner, rather than trying to integrate it into my regular everyday look of golds and browns.

So there we go – three makeup “challenges” I’ve set for myself this year! I will report back on my progress so stay tuned. Do you have any makeup goals or challenges you want to try out this year? Let me know if the comments below, and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “stepping outside of my makeup comfort zone

  1. I’m trying to be more adventurous with my lip colors too. I usually gravitate toward mauve and pink-brown shades. But I’ve recently bought a few lipsticks that are darker than I’m used to to help break the cycle.

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