awards, awards!

Happy spring! …. almost. It’s coming!

I’m so honoured and pleased to have been nominated by some awesome fellow bloggers for a few blog awards in the last little while. I’m going to combine them all here to keep it all neat and tidy. These awards all require nominating other bloggers but since I’ve seen these awards really making the rounds in the blogosphere lately, I’m going to skip out on nominating others.

Versatile Blogger Awards

First up I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Awards by the lovely Amy from The Makeup Case17. Amy, I’m sorry it took so long to re-post this!  This award requires that I post 7 facts about myself – so see below!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Next, TheWorldofCos nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. This award requires that you add a little write-up about the bloggers you nominate and I was so touched by what she said about me!  Her blog is awesome for very frequent nail polish and face mask reviews, so check her out!

Liebster Awards

And last, Chanelle nominated me for the Liebster Award. As part of this award, Chanelle listed seven questions for all the nominees to answer.  I’ve decided that my answers will count as the facts about myself for the Versatile Blogger Award – I’m cheating a bit!

 Chanelle’s Questions For Me:

1. What’s your favourite candle scent? I love the warm scents that come out at Christmas. Right now my fave is Cranberry Woods from Bath and Body Works 

2. Do you collect anything? Does makeup count? 😉 

3. Who would you want to play you in a movie? The first name that popped into my mind was Reese Witherspoon so let’s go with her 

4. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy? A house 

5. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? Chocolate. I am addicted to sugar, unfortunately 

6. Favourite food? Pizza all the way 

7. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why? I’m inspired by successful women who followed their passion to get where they are 

8. Tea or coffee? I love both, but tea 

9. Favourite item of makeup? mascara, obviously! 

10. Is blogging anything like you imagined? Great question. I really love the community aspect of it, which I wasn’t expecting. But truthfully I find it tough to find time and inspiration to post frequently – I’m so impressed by bloggers who post daily or multiple times a week! I’m trying to build up frequency but at the same time, I don’t want to write about things I don’t care about, so this is what works for me right now! 

Thanks SO much to all these lovely ladies for the nominations – be sure to check out their blogs, too!


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