my march faves

Hello there! I’m a bit late with these favourites but better late than never. I’ll be  honest, nothing had me feeling crazy excited this past month.  But, a makeup lover always has makeup to love, and here’s what I’ve been reaching for the most in March. March monthly faves

Anastasia Contour Kit – I bought this extremely impulsively online after reading a review of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ customizable contour kit from Glambunctious. It may have been the fastest purchase I’ve ever made. The appeal of being able to choose my own shades really got to me and before you knew it, it was in my basket…$17 shipping and all. And guess what. I ended up choosing THE EXACT SAME SIX SHADES that come in their standard light/medium kit. Which I could have bought at Sephora. And not paid shipping. What an idiot. I didn’t even realize until weeks later. But you know what, I do really like this and have really been enjoying learning to contour.  It takes skill but it does really make a difference and I’ve enjoyed using this. I mostly use the shade Fawn, the lightest of the contouring shades, as you can probably tell by how messy the pan is in my photo, as the paler cool tone works well for me for daytime. Truthfully, the highlight shades are nothing special – I’ve got tons of way better highlight powders, though I do like the yellow one, Banana. If Anastasia came out with an option for just three shades, that would be even better – I’d choose two contour shades (Java and Fawn for me) and Banana. Think how travel-friendly that would be!

Julep Soft Focus Finish polish in Janet – I love love love the look of really opaque, pale pink nails – a pink with a good amount of white in it. Trouble is, these shades are usually a bitch to work with and get all streaky and need like 4 coats. If you like this kind of pale pink nail, you need this nail polish. It’s hands-down the best pale pink I’ve tried. It’s almost opaque in just one coat and perfect with two, dries really well, and lasts a good 4-5 days before it starts to chip (I’m hard on my nails). Julep’s new “soft focus” finish is a semi-matte that I really like – it’s not shiny but not too flat, either. Love!

Benefit Roller Lash mascara – there was so much hype about this mascara and I really wasn’t expecting this to live up to it. I was happy to be proven wrong! Full review coming soon!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – I’m always on the hunt for a holy-grail concealer, as I have quite dark circles under my eyes. Is this holy-grail material? In my opinion, no, though I know a lot of people love it. But is it good? Yes! It is really creamy and has quite a full coverage so it’s great for adding some brightness to your face. It does settle into my fine lines a little bit so I always follow up with a slight dusting of powder.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils – these are just the best eyeliner formula. Period. They’re creamy, blendable, and they don’t budge. They even last fairly well on my waterline.  I always have a black one (or two) kicking around as well as a few other shades, but with such an extensive shade selection, I want to try more of these! You can tell from my little baby eyeliner stubs just how much use I get out of these.

While some of these March favourites are oldies for me, I truly think that all of these products will end up being long-term loves – they’re just classic, good performers. And sometimes that’s all I want – a reliable product that is just good. What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “my march faves

  1. I love, love, love that Urban Decay liner. I’ve never understood contouring. When you have time, could you do a photo walk through on how you use them? I’d love me some cheek bones, even if they’re not really there.

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