No, you can’t eat it! Too Faced Chocolate Bar everyday look

I’ve loved the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette ever since I got it back in April. While there are 16 great shades to choose from, I will be honest – I almost always use the same shades for the same makeup look. I can’t help myself though – when you discover an everyday makeup look you love, it’s hard to deviate!

Everyday smoky eye

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My name is Danielle and I have a problem. My problem is this: every time I look at lipstick/lip stain/lip gloss/lip products OF ANY KIND I always, always always end up buying the bright pink option. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Bright pink lips are fun!, you’re saying. Well, I don’t disagree with you! But… But. When it’s 8am and your have a great eye look going on and you just want a little something-something for your lips to polish off your look, sometimes bright pink is not the answer. Sometimes it is the answer! But lately, more often than not for me, it’s not the answer. I needed to get something more neutral, noticeable-but-not-noticeable, and just “simple” for my lips when I want the focus to be on the eyes. I needed the perfect My Lips But Better shade.

Annabelle Twistup in Divine

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love me my shiny taupes

I feel like a broken record by raving about shimmery taupe shades lately, but what can I say, I am obsessed!  I’ve been wearing this makeup look almost every day for the past few weeks, and I just love it.  It’s super simple and quick to do in the mornings, and because I use a cream product, lasts all day. This has definitely been my go-to winter look!taupe makeup

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stepping outside of my makeup comfort zone

What I love about makeup is that it offers endless possibilities – of colours, styles, looks. It’s an expression of creativity and I always love to try new things, but I’ve definitely got a “makeup comfort zone” that I don’t stray too far from. Love me some glowy skin, smokey eyes with shades of browns, taupes, golds, and purples, and an array of lip shades in various tones of pinks and reds. So in the spirit of trying new things and pushing myself, I’ve been thinking about some new things I’d like to try to this year.  Continue reading